Esports Athletic Program

Esports Athletic Program

Esports Athletic Program

Keiser University is taking the field to compete on a whole other level—online, with Keiser Esports athletic teams. The esports program competitions require students to use their critical problem-solving skills, which will also help them develop the ability to perform well under pressure.  

Competing on Another Level

On the field and now on the gaming screen, the Seahawk Nation will rise to meet every competitive challenge at the following campus locations - West Palm Beach Flagship Residential, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Pembroke Pines, Sarasota, and Tampa.

Our locations offer a new gaming hub for club and intramural programs. It is a place where competitive events can be watched live in person or via streaming services featuring games such as "League of Legends", "Overwatch", "Rocket League", "Fortnite", "Apex", and more

Keiser University is among a handful of Florida-based schools, with this program’s launch in 2019, in actively helping and encouraging students to hone their gaming skills, explore various opportunities, and compete at a high level in this exciting emerging online gaming industry.

Keiser has also joined 170+ other member schools in partnering with the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) to advance collegiate esports in the varsity space, developing the foundation for esports programs in terms of eligibility, competition and scholarships, graduation and related areas. NACE is also responsible for ensuring fair play and overseeing rules and competitions for NAIA, NCAA, and NJCAA colleges and universities.

Are You Game?

In just the past half-decade, esports has taken college campuses by storm, growing more with every passing year.

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